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Most of my work is made on the potter’s wheel, then fired in electric kiln at my home studio in Seattle, Washington. I love making simple, functional pieces; something for daily use. I often get inspiration from food and people when I work with clay, thinking how it will be used when the piece is finished.

As a Japanese who was born and raised in Japan, I grew up surrounded by beautiful pottery pieces without even noticing. My grandma was teaching the tea ceremony at home when I was a kid, she often served me tea in a Matcha bowl in her tea ceremony room that had beautiful Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement) she made in its room. I loved those times I shared with her. She taught me to appreciate being Japanese and I feel lucky to have grown up surrounded by those arts.

I make mostly dinnerware such as plates, bowls, mugs, teapots, serving platters and also flower vases. The world of clay is endless and I love to explore new techniques and glaze colors.

You can find my work on my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/Sachisunnycreation or some local shops in Seattle. I also often join events and craft shows, mostly in Seattle area at this point. You can find information under Events page. I hope you will find your favorite pieces!!

Sachi Wise

My favorite Mocha Diffusion Pieces



Please email at sachisunnycreation@gmail.com

or message me on instagram @sachisunnycreation.